Junk Removal Services in Highland


When you need trash or junk hauling in Highland, we are the Best Junk Removal Professionals you can call.

Highland Junk Removal Services Co has served Highland and San Bernardino county for years. You can count on us to provide quality service at affordable and competitive rates. We know that dealing with clutter and junk in your home or you can be a decent and in some cases has some emotional component to it via here to serve you and to work with you to help you solve problems.


We offer a range of Junk Removal Pros services, including trash pick up, furniture removal, mattress removal, poured clear outs, and commercial junk

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Our Services Include:

  • Mattress removal
  • Trash pickup
  • Hot tub removal
  • Bulky item pickup
  • Spa removal
  • Scrap metal removal
  • Estate cleanout
  • e-waste removal
  • Hoarder clearouts
  • Furniture removal
  • Yard debris pick up
  • Construction debris removal
  • Light demolition work
  • Commercial junk removal


Furniture Removal

Maybe you have an old couch or table lying around? Or perhaps you have a new dining room set or bedroom set ordered and on its way? Knowing you need to make room for these things or clear out unwanted and unused, we can haul away items.

Mattress Removal

One of the most frequently requested services is mattress removal in Highland. Mattresses take up a lot of space, and when they surplus to requirement, there’s really no easy way to store them. They also carry years worth of germs and potential bugs. It is best to get rid of them when possible. With their size and lack of flexibility, it’s tough to haul them without a suitable vehicle. Give us a call, and we will take them off your hands, no problem.

Hoarder Cleanouts

If you are a property manager or rent out space in your home and have a tenant leaving behind a horrendous mess? Don’t worry; we have dealt with hoarder clearouts for years and have plenty of experience in the matter.

We know that time equals money if you rent a property. Give us a call, and we will be more than happy to work with your timeframe and get your property turned around, ready to be shown to prospective tenants.

Household Junk Removal

Whether you just have a few items to be hauled away or doing a complete spring cleaning. You want to clear out your clutter from your home or business, give us a call, and help make it an easier task; we will do the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to.


Bulky Item Pick Up

We know that people want convenience, and nothing is less convenient than trying to dispose of bulky items. Trying to figure out how to get them to the dump is a nightmare. We have hauled away all kinds of things from tanks to boats, even old hot tubs, and gazebos.

We know your time is valuable, and we can do the hard work for you. When we are finished, the place will be clean, clear, and ready for your next project.

3 Reasons to Hire Highland Junk Removal Services Co.

We are a locally owned business.

More than ever, it’s becoming important to support local small businesses. We know there are many choices you can turn to when looking for local service providers, especially for junk removal. We value the opportunity to serve the local Highland community with excellent service and be ethical and courteous in our business.

Because we are a small business, we can be super responsive to the needs of our customers. We also don’t have to cover franchise fees, which allows us to keep our costs more competitive and affordable.

We provide an ethical junk removal service.

When you’re quoted a price for Junk removal that’s too good to be true, that’s probably because it is. Sadly, there are plenty of people getting into the junk removal businesses to make a quick buck. Most of them don’t understand the laws and legalities involved. They will illegally dump your trash and junk to avoid paying to dispose of it properly in the landfill.

While the shortcut might seem OK because the customer saves a few bucks and the illegal dumper adds a few dollars in their pocket, it adds to the environmental problems and the rubbish we see lying around on some of the roadsides. This can bring pests and rodents closer to communities. It can also attract the homeless to either salvage items or set up camp near items they find a use for.

Here at Highland Junk Removal service Co., we always dispose of items ethically and legally. We are focused on building long-term value and being transparent because we believe that’s the right thing to do.

Fair and honest quotes.

Know how it’s frustrating it is to get a quote for one price only for that to change a Later, and the customer feels like they have been tough. We do our best to get as much information ahead of time as to provide you with a quote that doesn’t carry out that work as agreed.

We believe in being fair and transparent with the customers, and we expect the same in return. Sometimes it’s impossible to get an accurate read on the magnitude of the job with things like access points, weight, and light demolition that may need to happen. It may be necessary to inspect the work needed in person. We often quote with pictures or video, but we prefer to be upfront and transparent with our customers. That includes explaining when we need to evaluate in person.